me, every day.

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Japanese Strawberry Shortcake (by KitchenTigress)

So i watched this for about… 9 minutes straight.

I am a chalk outline

a vessel, empty.

a pitcher waiting to be filled.

a soap dispenser, at the end of the hall

empty during the flu season.

I can be worn like a shoe,

my sole scuffs the ground

as feet nimbly ply for more traction.

figures of speech pose idly by

as empty words fall into me,

how full can one be, with empty threats

empty threads, strings strung out and could be clipped.

to what end do the strings stay.

tied to the lynch pin, pull it out, fill me.

some questions

they are ice cubes

on my skin.

the freezing sensations

that melt the longer they sit

that first bit of time though.

it’s fucking cold.

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